Attitude Scaffolders Belt and Tool Kit

SKU: K02010-S

Size: S


Crafted and engineered to provide maximum comfort in the toughest of environments, these kits are guaranteed to prove a trusty companion for the long haul.

The Buildpro Attitude Scaffolders Belt and Tool Kit includes:

  • BuildproAttitude Work Belt and Five Frogs with Velcro Closures
  • Stabila Scaffolder Magnetic Level
  • Buildpro 8m Scaffolders Tape Measure
  • Technique 21 x 24 Scaffolders Ratchet
  • Technique Ergo Scaffold Hammer
  • Heavy Duty 10" Shifter


  • Small: 28" to 36"
  • Medium: 33" to 41"
  • Large: 38" to 46"

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