Econo Belt

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Carry up to three tools or holsters with one of the lightest work belts in the world.

Made from an exceptionally strong Nylon weave, it also features a full-length Velcro inlay, allowing you to set the length of the belt to any size between 71cm and 122cm.

The lightweight side release buckle makes the GRIPPS Econo Belt a breeze to take on or off - or even use as a stabilising strap for tool transportation such as the Mule Bag.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight and strong Nylon belt.
  • Adjustable to any length with Velcro inlay. ƒ
  • Heavy-duty POM side release buckle.
  • Attach up to three tools or holsters.
  • Secure backpacks to your body.


  • Max Load: 15kg

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