IndustroAirsan - Cold Fog Airborne Sanitiser

SKU: W01305-5L

Size: 5 Litre


Active Ingredient: Ammonium Chloride

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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

IndustroAirsan is modelled on an RTU (ready to use) surface disinfecting spray listed by the US EPA in a list of about 300 registered products of manufacturers claiming viricidal kill.

This similar product is claimed to kill a wide range of microbes, including 22 viruses, one of which is Coronavirus (SARS-CoV). This virus is in the same family as COVID-19 and is described as a surrogate virus to COVID-19.

IndustroAirsan Cold Fog Airborne Sanitiser is a ready-to-use cold fog sanitiser ideally suited for sanitizing lunch rooms, workshops, offices and vehicles. It is suited to both porous & non-porous surfaces such as benches, tables, chairs, equipment, floors, wall and fabric. It is based on patented technology using a blend of specialised quaternary ammonium disinfectants.

IndustroAirsan Cold Fog Airborne Sanitiser will kill a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds, fungi and algae. It can be used in the food industry to clean light soil and sanitise non-food prep surfaces such as benches and equipment. It can be used in rooms and in motor vehicles. It is unperfumed so as not to taint foodstuffs. It helps control moulds and odours.

IndustroAirsan Cold Fog Airborne Sanitiser can be applied by spray, wiping or immersion. It will tolerate a light soil load without losing its effectiveness. It is corrosion safe on all metal and painted surfaces and will not harm plastics or fabric. It is odourless and pleasant to use. It has very low irritancy on skin.

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Usage Instructions:

IndustroAirsan is best used as a cold fog with a droplet size of 1 – 50 microns. This is achieved with conventional cold fogging machines.

Battery-powered sprayers can also be used or compressed air spray guns however these may result in larger droplets which may require longer drying time.


  • Apply by spraying or wiping. Leave to dry naturally.
  • If applying by immersion, immerse for 1 - 5 minutes then allow to dry.

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