IndustroWash - Mobile Handwashing Unit

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Using soap & water to wash your hands has been proven to be the most effective way of killing germs. With an IndustroWash installed in your vehicles, your mobile workforce is effectively provided with high levels of hygiene protection, wherever they are deployed.

The IndustroWash - Mobile Handwashing Unit requires no plumbing & can be easily installed into commercial vehicles. It is equipped with a heating element that can be wired in if hot water is required. 

The heavy-duty heating element uses highly corrosive resistant materials & state of the art electronics. The water element thermostatically controls the hot water temperature to 44°C. The system is also protected by a thermal overload safety device.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation - The unit can easily be mounted to any vertical surface & wired to a 12 or 24-volt power source.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Heater element operating indicator.
  • Quality, maintenance-free tap.
  • Cover moulded from super-tough, UV resistant polymers suitable for internal & external applications.
  • Fold-down basin that drains automatically when folded up.
  • Drain hose fitted to the base of the unit for dispersion of used water.


  • Weight: 4.4kg Empty, 10.3kg Full
  • Water Capacity: 6.0 litres
  • Voltage – 12V System: 9.6 Amps at 12 Volt DC
  • Voltage – 24V System: 7 Amps at 24 Volt DC

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