Jordan Safety Clamp Anchor Point

SKU: K04100



The Jordan Safety Clamp is a simple, cost-effective and fully certified safety device that enables scaffolders to hook up to a fail-safe security point as soon as they leave ground level (or after all levels above the first lift).

The scaffolder is secure at all times yet still has freedom of movement and can add or remove scaffolding components without unclipping their safety lanyard.

The Jordan Safety Clamp provides a safe anchor point above head height at all times. It allows instant access and continuous protection during all work and scaffolding operations and does not slow down or impede operations.


  • Rated to 22kN on horizontal tube¬†- Two persons
  • Rated to 22kN on vertical tube when supported from sliding¬†- Two persons
  • Rated to 15kN on vertical tube when¬†not¬†supported from sliding¬†- One person
  • BS / EN795 / ¬†AS/NZS1891.4 standard

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