Little Gripper With GrippLink Kit

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Kit includes 1 Little Gripper in each size plus 4 GrippLink connectors.

Engineered with mobility for handheld tools in mind, the Little Gripper creates a secure and fully load rated connection point through its flexible collaring system.

By mounting on the shaft of a tool, the Little Gripper allows full use of the butt end. 360-degree mobility prevents entanglement and allows for full mobility even in tight spaces.

For tools with a shaft up to 9mm, create a tool connector point with one Little Gripper pushed against the butt of the tool, or with two Little Gripper’s facing each other. A GRIPPS Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action 2.5kg will then clip directly onto the tool shank.

For tools with a shaft thicker than 9mm, use a GrippLink in the middle of two Little Gripper’s to create a rotating, load rated tool connector point for your tether of choice.

Key Features

  • Includes GrippLink connector
  • Moulded from custom German-engineered TPU compounds.
  • No additional adhesives or tools required during the application.
  • UV protected for long-lasting outdoor use.
  • Compatible with tool shafts of all shapes and thickness.
  • Free spinning tool connector point preventing tangles and catches.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Size #1 Little Gripper
  • 1 x Size #2 Little Gripper
  • 1 x Size #3 Little Gripper
  • 1 x Size #4 Little Gripper
  • 4 x GrippLink connectors


Little Gripper Size

Tool Shaft Diameter

Max Load
(Without GrippLink)

Max Load
(With GrippLink)


3.5mm – 6.0mm




5.5mm – 9.0mm




8.0mm – 13.0mm




12.0mm – 16.0mm



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