MARLIN Cut 3 15G Tsunooga/Spandex Gloves, Yellow

SKU: S21286-10

Size: 10


These cut-resistant Tsunooga fibre gloves feature a Cut Level 3 rating, alongside high comfort and dexterity.The palm and fingertips of the glove are dipped in black polyurethane to provide dexterity and grip with extra long shelf life.

Key Features:

  • Made from  Tsunooga fibre combined with spandex for high cut protection with flexibility and fit.
  • Ultra-fine 15 gauge knitted structure for hand sensibility.
  • The special formulation of polyurethane coating suited to liners ensures excellent grip and abrasion resistance for durable use.
  • High resistance to water, UV and chemicals.
  • Machine washable at 40C for repeated use.


  • Construction sites/Equipment handling.
  • Cut risk involved works where high dexterity is required (DH6134TS).
  • Automotive industry.
  • Aeronautics.
  • Electronics/High precision assembly.

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