G-Force HiVis Synthetic Riggers Glove

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SKU: S21251-S

Size: S
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The fitted, breathable and lightweight mechanics glove!


  • Long lasting synthetic leather with foam lining.

Air-Vent Technology:

  • The superior fabrics and ventilated Touchettes incorporated into these gloves provide 360 degree air circulation for increased comfort and hygiene.

Hand 'Recliner' Structure:

  • Woven neoprene with foam lining provides previously unknown comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

Washable and Reusable:

  • The resilient fabrics are readily washable and not subject to water related deterioration. These gloves are built to last!

Hi Visibility:

  • The high visibility outer makes for greatly enhanced visual communication and also makes these gloves far harder to lose.

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